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the voice of many waters

And his feet was like… fine brass, as if they had been burned in a furnace; (That's all the dross taken out.) and his voice… the voice of many waters.

Watch, it's the Church speaking to Him now, waters. Revelation 17:15, said, "Waters means thickness and multitudes of people." Now, "His voice," or this Being that was standing there looking like this, Christ in His Church, as Bride and Christ being One, like husband and wife is one; the Church and Christ being molded together with one Person, the same Holy Spirit.

212 And the things that Christ did, the Church does also. Do you see it? That beautiful Church there in holiness, in power, in majesty, with seeing visions, signs, wonders. Everything just like He did, here it is on earth; giving all praise to God, saying, "I can do nothing except the Father shows Me; but He showed Me, and here it is." And we come, see, these things go to taking place. The mark of the beast 45.....First, we want to pick up our subject from last night. Last night we taken on the church ages, that how that we saw Jesus standing in His Church, "Speaking as the voice of many waters and He had hair like wool, eyes like flames of fire." Remember, all the—the Revelation is a vision and symbolic. All of it has a meaning, so you have to watch closely, read the prophets, see what the symbols meant, then compare it over here so that you'll know what the symbols really mean. The seal of God 46.....And His Voice was the Voice of many waters: both Christ and the Church speaking together; with a golden girdle around about the breast part of the Church, covered over, holding, the Gospel holding the righteousness of Christ over the Church. Standing on the brass foundation, Divine judgment, God poured out His Divine judgment upon Christ, and He suffered, the Innocent for the guilty. Patmos vision 203......And his feet like—feet like… brass,… burned in a furnace; and his voice… the sound of many water. "Voice of many waters." What does waters represent? If you want to mark it down, turn to Revelation 17:15, and you'll find that the Bible said, "The waters which thou sawest is thickness, and multitudes, and people, and tongues." All right, "Voice." What a horrible thing for a drifting soul on the sea of life! No pilot to guide him, loose, floating with the tides, to hear the roar of the great cateracts, the falls. What a horrible thing it would be to a soul drifting. "Voice of many waters." What is His voice? It's the judgment; the voice of the ministers, through the Holy Spirit, that's cried out to the people in every age, standing there. The Voice of many waters cried out, thickness and multitudes. The voice of those seven stars in His hand, to every church age, preaching the baptism of the Holy Ghost, the baptism in Jesus' Name, speaking in tongues, the power of God, the resurrection of Christ, the Second Coming, Divine judgment. The voice of many waters came forth from this one that looked like the Son of man, many waters. 205 What it'll be to know that you set in meetings and heard that you should get right with God and receive the Holy Ghost, and a drifting soul to hear that voice speak out in that meeting that you set in, and heard the judgments of God preached, and refused It. The great fall is just below you, the great cataracts that'll take you to your Eternal doom. Voice of many waters, fourth personage of Him. Voice of many waters. How you going to do it when it's recorded in Glory, when the voice tonight is recorded? Your voice is recorded. Your thoughts are recorded. "As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he." Notice, your voice is louder in Heaven than your… I mean, your thoughts are louder in Heaven than your voice is on the earth. Certainly, it is. God knows the thoughts and the intents of the heart, He knows all about it. He said to the Pharisee, "You hypocrites, how can you speak good things, when out of the abundance of the heart speaketh the mouth? Calling Me, 'Master, good,' and I know, I can look right through you and see that you're hypocrites. You don't mean that." Oh, what will that be on that day when that voice thunders out of many waters, many church ages forming out? 209 Now I want to ask you something else. Let me say something to you people that's saved, let me say this to you. Now, you drifting soul, you poor drifter that's drifting over that great cataract yonder, be careful. It'll be a horrible thing when you know that there's no saving for you then. You can't get saved then, you know your doom lays right before you. When you know within a few minutes you'll hear that Voice speak out, "Depart from Me, you workers of iniquity, into everlasting fire which is prepared for the devil and his angels." You'll know when you hear that great falls roaring of those voices of those meetings, while you're passing out of this. Oh, what a horrible thing, what a nightmare! Don't let it happen to you, people. Repent, get right with God now, while you can get right. 211 Now I want to ask you something else. What is any sweeter to a man that's anchored, laying back under the evergreen tree, to hear the rippling brook? Oh! That's the Church setting in Heavenly places with the Voice of God rippling sweetly and talking to them then. See what it is? It's a condemnation to the sinner, and a blessing to the saved. A man who's safely anchored his boat upon the Rock Christ Jesus, and just lays and listens, how he can rest! Enter into that rest. How I like to get where the waters are running. If we ever go fishing or anything, I usually try to find me a place where the waters are rippling, 'cause it just makes you rest. You hear it just talking all night. Oh, my! 213 Isn't it beautiful when you can really anchor your soul into Christ, in such a place till you can get quiet before Him? And hear His Voice speaking to you, "I'm the Lord that healeth thee. I'm the Lord that giveth thee Eternal Life. I love thee. I knowed thee before the foundation of the world. I put thy name upon the Book, thou art Mine. Fear not, it's Me. Don't be afraid, I'm with you." Then I sing: I've anchored my soul in a haven of rest, I'll sail the wild seas no more; The tempest may sweep o'er the wild, stormy deep; But in Jesus I'm safe evermore. Remember, the very Voice that speaks sweet to you, will condemn the sinner. The very flood that saved Noah, destroyed the sinner. See what I mean? The voice of many waters. Revelation chapter 4 #1 102 The Voice was the same Voice that walked in the seven golden candlesticks; same Voice, the Voice didn't change. But, the Voice, where was It when he heard It the first time? How many remembers, in the first church age? Behind him. "I was in the Spirit on the Lord's day," Revelation 1—1:10. So he… "In the Spirit." If you want to put that down in Revelation 1:10 and 13, "I was in the Spirit on the Lord's day, and I heard behind me as a Voice of a trumpet and sounded like many waters. And when I turned to look, I saw One standing in the midst of the seven golden candlesticks." Now, after He showed him all that mystery of them seven golden candlesticks (holding the seven stars, and a white wig on, and so forth, and feet like brass, and eyes like fire, the symbols), then he heard the same Voice (Watch.) speaking from Heaven. And he looked up and he saw an open Door. Oh! An open Door into Heaven! How do you get in? By Christ Jesus, that one Door, one Way, no other way. 104 "Any man that climbs up any other way, same is a thief and a robber." And in the parable of the one who climbed up and was at the Wedding Supper without a garment on, was found guilty, and bound and cast out into outer darkness. Only one Way, coming to the Wedding Supper. I believe I preached on it here not long ago. Whenever the bridegroom… When a man got… gets married in the old country, he has to give the invitations himself, he has to furnish the robes himself. So when he met this man there, him sitting at the supper table… How many remembers the parable? Sure, you that read the Bible. And he found a man at the supper table without a wedding garment on. Church age book 4. His Voice Was as the Sound of Many Waters. Now what do the waters represent? Hear it in Revelation 17:15, "… the waters which thou sawest,… are peoples, and multitudes, and nations, and tongues." His voice was as the sound of multitudes speaking. What is it? It is the judgment. For these are the voices of the multitudes of witnesses, who by the Holy Spirit all through the ages have testified to Christ and preached His Gospel. It will be the voice of every man rising in judgment against the sinner who would not take warning. The voices of the seven messengers will be heard loud and clear. Those faithful preachers who preached the saving power of Jesus, who preached water baptism in Jesus' Name, who preached the in-filling and power of the Holy Ghost, who stood with the Word more than they stood with their own lives; all of them were the voice of Jesus Christ by the Holy Ghost down through the ages.